For Clients

For Clients

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What is WisconSays?

  • A cost-effective solution to obtaining high-quality survey data
  • A representative, probability-based, online panel of Wisconsin adults aged 18 years and older
  • Clients pay to administer their questions to WisconSays panel members
  • Panel members are interviewed via monthly web-based surveys about a variety of topics
  • Panel members are highly engaged and provide high response rates, ranging between 75% and 85%
  • Operated by the University of Wisconsin Survey Center (UWSC), a highly regarded, world-class research institution that has conducted thousands of surveys since 1987

Why should YOU field your questions with WisconSays?

  • Fast turn-around times allow for data to be collected quickly, accurately, and reliably
  • High-quality data from a representative, probability-based panel
    • WisconSays uses statistically rigorous sampling methods unlike other nonprobability-based panels.
  • Cost-effective data collection
    • WisconSays provides an efficient method of collecting survey data.
    • In addition to asking your questions, we provide information on panel members’ sociodemographic characteristics asked at the time of registration. (See our rates for more details.)
  • Expert review of your questions
    • We provide critical review of your survey questions based on best practices in questionnaire design.
  • Large sample of people from across the state of Wisconsin
    • Nationally representative probability-based panels typically do not have enough Wisconsinites to meet most researchers’ analytic goals. With roughly 3,500 members recruited, WisconSays can meet most users’ needs.

How much will it cost to field your questions using WisconSays?

  • One question unit costs between $1,500 to $2,000
    • Costs vary depending on the type of question and University of Wisconsin-Madison affiliation
    • Examples of question units:
      •  1 closed-ended question with a list of response options
      • Up to 3 statements in a grid with a rating scale
      • Up to 5 checklist/yes-no type items in a grid
    • Factors that could increase question costs
      • Long, complex questions that impose a larger cognitive burden on panel members
      • Question wording or split-ballot experiments requiring more than one version of a single question
    • We prefer a minimum of 3 question units to field your questions on a WisconSays monthly survey
    • Your questions will be combined with other clients as part of an “omnibus” survey

What will you receive as a WisconSays client?

  • Standard package of deliverables
    • Responses to your questions for 1,500 representative surveys with WisconSays members
    • Core sociodemographic variables appended to your questions
      • Gender
      • Race/ethnicity
      • Age
      • Education
      • Household income
    • Data file delivered in Stata, SPSS, or Excel with weights
  • For an additional cost, we can:
    • Sample more panel members and increase the number of cases available for analysis
    • Include other sociodemographic variables and variables from the “About You” survey
Sociodemographic Variables Variables from the “About You” Survey
Marital status Political leaning
Number and ages of household members Attitudes about issues in U.S. and Wisconsin
Housing status and type Civic engagement
Number of years lived in U.S. and Wisconsin Social engagement
Employment status Health and health insurance
Remote work status Finances and expenses
Social class Food insecurity
Party affiliation Trust
Voter registration Happiness
Veteran status Internet connectivity

How are WisconSays panel members recruited?

The UW Survey Center recruits WisconSays panel members by sending randomly selected households across Wisconsin a letter inviting participation. Each letter contains instructions for registering online and an incentive to encourage and thank people for joining. Members receive an additional incentive when they join WisconSays. During registration, members complete an “About You” questionnaire, an in-depth survey about their attitudes, experiences, and sociodemographic characteristics. Once recruited, they are sent email invitations asking them to complete monthly online surveys. Members receive points for completing surveys that they can exchange for cash or gift cards.

Plan your next data collection!

  • We are currently seeking clients and their questions for all months in 2024
  • Questions provided to the research team before the 15th of the month will be fielded the first week of the following month

Want to learn more and field your questions?

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